I have been in one, and only one Female Led Relationship. It was a roughly two year relationship in which we co-habitated. It was her first experience with a 24/7 power exchange relationship too.

J came from a BDSM background, and we met online. We connected and moved in together pretty quickly. She was a fairly knowledgeable and experienced Mistress. I was her domestic servant, cooking, cleaning, laundering, whatever was needed. She kept me locked in a chastity cage, the first experience either of us had with this practice. She was very lenient however, and she let me out to masturbate, supervised, once or twice a week on average. We never once had penetrative sex.

Otherwise, sexually, I serviced her when she required it. She would make me lick her ass, which was a new experience for me. She would tie me up and gently hit me with a riding crop, well within my pain limits. She also made me wear butt plugs, which was the first time I ever had anything inside me, although that didn’t go very far for whatever reason. But at least I can say that I know I can do this.

It was overall probably the most non-dysfunctional relationship I have ever been in. We would enjoy eating out, perhaps too often. She liked Scrabble and taught me how to play, and we would spend whole evenings playing. That’s a very pleasant memory.

But in the end, we didn’t have a lot in common, and without that foundation, we slowly drifted apart. I did try to accommodate her taste in television, movies, music, etc., even though I didn’t care for the same things. But we didn’t have a great deal that we could talk about and share. It ended amicably and we remained friends, which is nice, although that too has faded away over time.

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