I am an emotional masochist. Basically, I am aroused by, or at least on some level comforted by, negative emotions. Its the treatment I have become accustomed to and expect, and now, its how I believe I should be treated.

I like to be humiliated and mistreated, even emotionally and physically abused. I like to be treated like I am nothing, nobody. Fear arouses me and I am attracted to intimidating women. I like to be treated with disrespect. I am both sickened and aroused by betrayal and rejection. I actually like to be traumatized. Abuse reinforces my self conception. I am a very sick person.

I am your property. You have the right to yell at me, insult me, cheat on me. You can beat me and rape me. I may try to resist or escape, but I never can truly stop what you want to do to me. My consent or lack thereof means nothing. You are all powerful, and I am weak in your presence. When you hurt me, it makes me feel almost normal. It makes me feel closer to you.
In return, I will serve you. I will make my mind and body available for whatever use you want, sexual or otherwise. I will endeavor to take care of you. My well-being, my health, my life mean nothing compared to anticipating and satisfying your every whim. I will easily do for you all the things I cannot do for myself.

I am a disgusting creature, grateful for any attention a Goddess like you may give me. Hurt me deeply and I will thank you through my tears.

My existence is a mistake. My life is meaningless. Serving you is my only purpose.

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