I am making final preparations for Mommy’s visit later today through tomorrow. I am trying to clean the house and mow the lawn as late as I comfortably can and still get it done, so that everything is as perfect as it can be for her visit. These are acts of service I can do for her when she is not around, and it makes me feel good to feel her presence in my mind as I do my chores for her.

Mommy says I will be allowed to orgasm tonight, but that is the last time for a long time, and she promised she would be stern with my denial. Mommy says she likes to watch me cum, as I am very loud and I cover myself in copious amounts of cum. After, she is going to lock my Jail Bird on me, taking one key and hiding the other in my home in case of emergency. I am a little scared about being locked up. I don’t really feel I have significant experience with chastity, and I am both scared and excited at the mental effects it will have.

The immediate physical effects are obvious. I will be unable to touch my own penis. I won’t be able to masturbate and orgasm. I won’t even be able to get an erection. I will have to keep my scrotum lubricated, and even then, there may be pain until I get used to it. Nighttime can be a challenge as my body tries very hard, over and over again, to get an erection, pressing painfully against the bars of the cage and pulling my scrotum to its limits.

No matter where I am, I will have to urinate sitting down like a girl. I will have to get used to exercising and doing chores like yard work being mindful to accommodate the space that the cage is taking up. I will have to be aware of the clothes I wear, so that the outline of my cage and lock are not visible.

The psychological effects are less clear. I wonder how I will be able to stand up in work meetings to speak, aware that I have this cage on. I try so hard to sharply separate my public persona and my shadow, but the cage will make this more difficult as I will always be aware that its there. At the same time, I will always be reminded of the control Mommy has over me, that only she can access the most important part of me.

Presumably I will be wearing the cage when we visit her family next weekend, which should also be interesting.

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