M just left after a 24 hour visit that was wonderful.

It started with a discipline session that resulted from me going to bed after our last date before receiving a text message from M that she made it home safely. I sat in a chair facing directly into the corner of the room. My ears were plugged and my eyes blindfolded as Mommy tied my hands behind my back with rope, and then each ankle to a leg of the chair. I sat there while Mommy showered and got ready to go out.

When I was let out from that, I was stripped, taken to the bed and tied arms and legs to the frame. Still blindfolded, Mommy took photos of me, and then tormented me with a paddle, running it over my body, lightly tapping me with it, then cracking it against her hand by my ear, or hitting the bed by my ear. Each time I jumped, startled, yelling out. I think this gave Mommy much pleasure. She then got beside me and stroked my cock while telling me about a man that she fantasizes about. This made me cum quickly, all over myself, and Mommy said that would be my last orgasm for a long time.

We then went out, where I put on the mask of the perfect boyfriend. We had cocktails and appetizers at a pub, then went window shopping on the street before going to an outdoor concert, and dancing beside the stage. An old hippy walking past us said "you two look groovy as fuck." Mommy likes that we get compliments wherever we go.

She locked my Jail Bird on me first thing in the morning, and she sent me downstairs while she hid one key in the house. We then showered and set out on our day. We went to a gourmet brunch in a rustic old building, then climbed an elaborate outdoor tree-house that was several stories high above a waterfall. We did a tasting at a local brewery and bought a growler of stout that we both liked. Then we toured model homes in a manufactured home lot, and fantasized about what our future home might look like: a nice kitchen for me to cook in while M relaxes a few feet away in the main room, in front of a fireplace. Maybe we would have a lot of private acreage so I could be kept naked outside as well.

We picked up a pizza on the way home and ate it while watching TV. We then went online and ordered matching, locking bracelets with a secret message engraved on the inside of each. Then we held each other and stared into each others eyes. I gave Mommy several orgasms before she left. I love to kiss and rub her ass, and stick my tongue inside it. We discovered by accident that Mommy likes it when I bite and suck on her ass. She says that it hurts but also feels so good.

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