Its been 10 days in chastity so far, and my cage has been surprisingly comfortable the entire time. I haven’t even needed to be incredibly diligent about lubricating the ring, and sleeping hasn’t been an issue. This is night and day compared to my previous experience with the plastic CB years ago. I can definitely see wearing this for long periods.

During the day, I have taken to wearing jock straps to help support everything better. The only discomfort I have felt is when I am wearing tight pants and sit for a long time. Things get pressed together and after a time, the blood flow is a little limited, and the skin is pressing against the steel.

At the one week mark, I felt confident enough to put a cock ring on before/above the cage. This gives everything a lot of weight and more bulk, but it also means that when I am released, I can perform immediately, and its ultimately easier to get the cage back on because everything is already gathered together.

Mommy released me twice on our weekend getaway. She put a condom on me and got on top of me, held me down and took what she wanted from me. When she was satisfied, she allowed me to remove the condom and masturbate until I came all over myself. Mommy likes to watch this, and afterward, she goes to the bathroom, wets a washcloth with warm water and returns to clean me up. She cleans me very maternally, and it is a very special, intimate moment that we share.

Then the cage goes right back on. The comfort of the device means that I don’t always think about it unless I am moving around. Its a constant reminder that Mommy owns me and controls me, and it makes me feel close to her even when she isn’t around. I can feel her presence when I feel the cage.

In the past, I would normally masturbate every day, at least once a day, but not masturbating hasn’t been too bad. Mommy isn’t here to stimulate me, and she has released me a few times already. She did say that I wouldn’t always be released as often as I have been so far. I know that Mommy needs to have cocks inside her, so if she keeps me locked up for longer periods, she will have to seriously think about getting other men to please her.

There have been a few times when I have wished I could masturbate. In the past, I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night or early morning, horny and with a raging erection. I would quickly get myself off so that I could go back to sleep peacefully. One day, after I was locked up, this happened again, and I had to be reminded that this wasn’t an option anymore, and I would have to be strong and try to sleep without any relief. And there have been a few idle times when I wished I could watch porn and masturbate. But I have to remember that I am saving myself for Mommy. I am doing this for Mommy.

The cock ring I have on is the Omega ring, the largest, heaviest fixed cock ring that I am aware of. It fits well with my cage, but it does make things bulkier, which has limited my movement slightly. Rolling over in my sleep, I sometimes have to adjust myself. When working out, I have to account for this large area now, and move with greater care.

It also means that everything stands out more. We learned this weekend that the board shorts I like to wear allow you to see the outline of the cage and lock, even after I put a jock strap on under it. Sometimes in kakhi pants, you can see it too, if you know what to look for. I have ordered a few cups to put in my jock straps hoping that that would mask the outline of the cage, but I will have to see if these cups can even accomodate the cage at all, and if they can, will they make the area conspicuously more bulky?

Wearing the cage is not always easy, but I like that I am doing something good for Mommy and our relationship. It feels so good, so comforting to be owned and controlled.

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