Last night was date night with Mommy. When we have our dates, I will later write down the details of where we went and what we did and even highlight some things that were said that were memorable. I do this because its so easy to forget these important moments in our lives, and having these details will enhance our memories in the future. Mommy likes that I do this, and I email her my summary the next day. She has started to help me with these summaries, reminding me of things that we said. Its funny how much you can forget, even by the next day.

So this is an edited version of the summary of our date night that I sent to M this morning.

When she arrived at my home, I greeted her on my knees, wearing the clothes she told me to wear, holding out a glass of Riesling I had just poured for her when she drove in. After kissing and reacquainting, we went to the living room couch where I massaged her sore neck. She was wearing a skirt this night, which was unusual for her, and the first time I had seen her wear a skirt, and it was very pretty. She lifted it to show me that she was wearing a lace thong, and I started to rub her legs. This quickly led to me being on the floor in front of her, licking and fingering her to orgasm as she held her wine in one hand, and forced my face into her with the other. The heels of her feet rested on my shoulders, and my ears could feel the tremors in her legs when I licked her just right.

I like planning fun things to do with Mommy, and she really seems to appreciate the ideas I come up with. So after we composed ourselves, we went out to a local winery where I knew they had live music that night. There was a food truck parked outside, and we got gourmet Mexican food before going into the winery to eat. I got us two glasses of Reserve Riesling to have with our food, and then later, we did a full tasting and purchased another glass of wine to share.

M enjoyed the music and even made a request that she was quite excited to hear performed. One of the band members was flirting with her in front of me, and she was encouraging him. We made our way onto the upper deck of the winery which had a beautiful view of the vineyards, the valley below, the surrounding hills, and a large pond with gazebos near the vineyards. We then walked down to that pond before it began to rain and we decided to move on.

I like going to several places in a night. Our town is small, but there is a surprising amount to do if you know where to find it, and I always want to experience as much as I can, and of course, I want to show M my town and what it has to offer us. So, we went to a local cocktail bar that is on the ground floor of a mansion that has been restored in recent years and turned into a BnB. The bar is very classy, with nice antique furniture, and they are most known for their very strong artisanal cocktails. We ordered a cocktail and shared it, and sat talking for a bit before going home.

Throughout the night, we were joking and laughing and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company. Several times, we spent minutes looking into each other’s eyes. Its been a long time since I have cared enough for someone to just get lost in their eyes, and hers are very pretty.

We then returned home where I once again massaged Mommy’s neck and pleasured her to orgasm. I simultaneously had my ring finger in her ass, the first two in her pussy, and my tongue furiously licking her clit. She also scratched and bit me until I was crying out in pain, and then she berated me and slapped me for crying out in pain. She got on top of me, slapping my face and choking me, telling me what a bad boy I was, how she didn’t need me at all, and how lucky I was to be with her. I was lost in ectasy to the point that I stopped feeling the pain she was inflicting on me. She then held me tenderly to her breast and told me what a good boy I was, as we listened to the rain softly falling on the roof above us.

Of course, my cock is still locked away in its cage, and I remained frustrated that night. The cage has become more and more comfortable in recent days, but I am also starting to really feel the effects of being deprived. I am incredibly horny all day long, I have very sexual dreams all night long, and without the ability to relieve this tension, its starting to make me feel a little crazed. This is after less than two weeks in which I was allowed to orgasm twice. I didn’t think I would feel this frustrated this quickly.

Chastity is also making me focus more on Mommy as my only hope for relief. I had many sexy dreams last night, and Mommy would touch me periodically, even just to hold my hand, and it made my little cock strain so hard in its steel prison. I ache for the opportunity just to get an erection, let alone stroke my cock. I wonder how long I will have to wait? The truth is, I don’t know if I will ever have relief again. Its entirely within Mommy’s power to decide.

She said she will let me out of my cage once a week for a thorough cleaning, which she will perform. I reminded her that I should trim myself at that time, and she said I would be allowed to do this supervised. She decided last night that I could go another week without being freed.

Mommy has to leave for work a few hours before I wake up, and when she does this, she leaves me a sweet note to find when I wake up. Its always a very pleasant surprise.

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