Mommy just departed after a last minute change of plans saw her coming to my home and staying the night. She brought a new nylon dog color and leash in royal blue that she put on me for the night. She also allowed my cage to come off, and I masturbated for her while she watched. She said she wanted me to scream her name when I came, and when I did, I yelled out "Mommy!" as I thrashed around screaming and covering myself with a week’s worth of pent up cum. She then cleaned me off with a warm wet washcloth.

She then led me into the bathroom to thoroughly clean my uncaged cock, and she supervised me shaving myself too. To my surprise, we found that the under side of my penis was quite chaffed and inflamed, and there was an area around my testicles that was also chaffed and sore. Mommy decided the cage should stay off, and we rubbed lotion on it to medicate it. It was still not healed by the morning, and Mommy decided that the cage should stay off for a few days so I could heal. I will bring it on our next date later in the week, and she will lock me in again.

We thought about what might have caused the issues, and what I might do differently to avoid them in the future. But ultimately, I think its a matter of my body adapting. Mommy is worried that without the cage, I won’t think of her as much, and she is worried I will touch myself. She said that I am not allowed to look at porn or touch myself, and that if I feel I must, I am to call her. But its only a few days, so I think I will be OK. It feels strange not having the cage on now, and I am sad that I let Mommy down.

Mommy’s neck was very sore, so I tried to take care of her while she was here, including massaging her neck, rubbing lotion on it, and buying her ice packs and a "peanut" so she could massage her neck herself when I am not around.

We had fun together as we always do. Last night, we bought ice cream at my local store and watched stand up comedy for a few hours. This morning, I made her special coffee in a mocha pot on the stove, with a cinnamon stick in it, and then poured Creme de Cocao and natural creamer into it, and we drank it on my patio.

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