Mommy had a rough day at work yesterday, so like any good wife would, I tried to make her day easier at home.

I came home early from my job and did some house chores, including unloading the dishwasher from our dinner the night before. By the time she arrived, I had showered, put on music she likes, and had poured her a glass of wine. When she entered the door, I was waiting, kneeling, naked except for my cock cage, bracelet, and the tie she likes to lead me by, and I was holding out the glass of wine to her. She seemed to appreciate coming home to this, and we kissed passionately.

She showered as I stood outside and reported back to her on a few tasks she had assigned to me earlier in the day. Then we went to the bedroom where she told me about her day as I massaged her back. Inevitably, touching her, and hearing her respond to my touch, led me to move down her body and start kissing her ass. Soon, my tongue was inside her ass, licking furiously, and Mommy was really responding to it. She moaned as I kissed and sucked on her ass, and then gasped and arched her back when my tongue went inside her.

I began fingering her pussy as I alternated between licking her ass and biting and sucking it the way she likes. After a few minutes, she flipped over on her back, and I began tonguing her clit as I had two fingers inside her. She then ordered me to put a finger in her ass, so I quickly licked my ring finger and worked it into her ass, still with my two fingers inside her pussy and my tongue on her clit.

She said "you would do this for hours, wouldn’t you?," and I did my best to say "yes" without interrupting my task. She came loudly and then held me for a few minutes. Then she told me to "put on a show" which meant putting on porn for her to watch. She then told me to wash her newest toy and use it on her. This toy is a new attachment to our Hitachi Magic Wand. The main part of it is so big that I can’t imagine it fitting inside someone, and there is another part that rests on her clit.

I came back into the bedroom to see her watching cuckold porn, Like a good little wife, I prepared the toy by shoving it in my mouth to quickly lubricate it, even though the size makes me gag. I worked it into her while simultaneously trying to lick her clit as the wand tickled it. Its hard to imagine that Mommy could feel my tongue next to the violent vibrations of the Wand, but this is what she likes me to do. Maybe the feeling of flesh on flesh is needed too? Maybe its just the humiliation of using me like that? She started commenting on the movie. "You want to see another man fuck me don’t you?" "He’s watching his girl get fucked hard by that big cock." Then, her body tensed, she arched into the air and let out a scream as she shook from another orgasm.

She held me again and asked if I would like to cum tonight. I wasn’t sure what to say to this. On the one hand, I would love to be free, to get hard and cum all over myself again. But I also like being in the cage and denied. I am starting to not know the difference between sexual yearning and sexual frustration, between denial and euphoria. And I like (I need, I crave) the power Mommy has over me, and the cage is the most powerful physical symbol of that power. And I haven’t been caged for long, not quite a week yet. So I struggled to figure out what I really wanted. Finally, I suggested to her that I could be stimulated but not allowed to orgasm. Then it was settled…

She agreed but said that I would have to be tied up. One of the things I did before she arrived was to surprise her with restraints I had added to the bed. Previously, she merely tied me up with rope, cutting it with a very large knife that she would then run over my body and threaten me with. These new restraints are very basic: just nylon with Velcro cuffs, but they are very easy to use, convenient to get on and off, comfortable, and ultimately, quite effective for the task.

She restrained me, then retrieved the key to my cage and removed it. There was no hope of getting the main ring of the cage off, so we left it on, and just rotated the connecting post out of the way. The ring now makes for a good cock ring, and Mommy started stroking my aching cock. She started talking about a new man she has been talking to via texting and phone calls. I asked if he had a large cock, and apparently he had sent a photo of it to her and it was large indeed, much larger than mine. She said that he would fuck her like a real man, from behind, pulling her hair and slapping her ass. She said he would know how to fuck. She said that I don’t know how to fuck, and would rather use my tongue on Mommy than fuck her. She said that my cock was little and useless.

Then she reached for the wand again, and started using it on herself as she stroked me. She asked if I was getting close, and I said yes, and then she stroked even faster. She could feel my body tensing up as I was right on the edge, and then she stopped and said "that’s all for tonight, you’re going back in your cage." My cock twitched and a small dot of cum emerged and remained pitifully on the head of my cock. "There it is!" Mommy said with a tone of satisfaction. She then washed me with a warm washcloth, put the cage back on and then released me from the restraints. We held each other again for a while.

After a bit, Mommy put on a television show she likes to watch and I spooned her as she watched it. Sexually frustrated, holding her, feeling her warm body, I was overcome with emotion as I felt so close to her, and I could feel my devotion deepen. I am starting to truly worship Mommy.

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