Last week, Mommy had a date with her new friend, B. She once again sent me screen-shots of their texting exchange, in which they both seemed very eager to get together. They met up and rode on his bike for a while, and went to a bar for a drink. At each step of the way, Mommy texted me to let me know where she was and what she was doing. I asked her if she was excited, and she said "yes of course." And I admitted that I was too. I may have been even more excited than her! How I wished I could stroke my aching cock while I read those messages at work.

She promised to tell me all about it when she got home that evening, and I was grateful for this kindness, as hearing about her date is a privilege that is entirely her’s to grant. I’ve always stressed that whatever she decides to do romantically is entirely her business, and so if she doesn’t want me involved, or even to know what is going on, that is her prerogative.

Unfortunately, later that night she said that once they were both at the bar and talking that there wasn’t much sexual chemistry between them. Still, she says that she wants to have a date where all three of us spend time getting to know each other, to see if a spark develops. I joked that adding my awkwardness into the mixture was unlikely to help!

She said that although she liked him and found him attractive, there just wasn’t that sexual spark between them. Mommy reminded me that she is not a slut, but very selective about who she is intimate with, and that she needs to have an emotional connection, which I completely understand. I am the same way.

She seemed to think that this would lessen my desire for her to cuckold me, but the truth is, knowing she has an emotional connection with the men she is with makes the humiliation much more painful and arousing. It is so much more of a betrayal. Knowing she gives affection to another man as she does me, would be psychologically devastating in a way that a casual ‘slutty’ encounter wouldn’t. Its true that I find promiscuous women extremely attractive, specifically because I assume they would be more willing to cuckold me. But casual cuckolding has limits to how much it can be made to hurt.

Since her date with her new friend, Mommy and I went out to two different bars, and in each one, a man sat next to us and openly flirted with Mommy, and she enthusiastically flirted back. They didn’t seem to care that I was sitting right there watching and listening. These men were clearly very interested in Mommy, and somehow they could tell that they could do whatever they wanted in front of me, and I would let them. I really enjoyed seeing Mommy enjoy herself with these men.

Yesterday, Mommy and I went shopping for a motorcycle for her, and we found one that I was able to buy for her. It made me feel good that I could give her something that she wanted so badly. She talked about how much fun it would be to ride this motorcycle and have men take notice of her because of it. She said that we needed to find local biker bars that we would go to, she on her bike and me in the car. We would enter the bar separately and sit apart from one another. I would watch as she got off her bike, strolled into the bar with new-found confidence, showing everyone that she is available, and flirting with those interested. If she liked one, we would talk about taking him home. She says that bikers would be more likely than most to be part of such an arrangement. She said that I would eventually greet them both at the door as I do Mommy now, kneeling naked, holding out drinks. I would also get them drinks after they have sex, and I would cook for them, serve them, and clean up after them both. And Mommy said that if I needed to be punished, she would make her boyfriend beat me up. I was breathless and hard in my cage as she told me all of this.

Later, she thanked me for the bike by letting me out of my cage and allowing me to cum. She bound my hands and feet to the bed, and my dog collar was attached to a leash wrapped around the head of the bed. I was stretched out in every direction, and my already tight collar was being pulled by the tension of the leash. She put on a rubber glove and put a finger in my ass, massaging my prostate while stroking me to the edge several times.

She asked me if I wanted to cum, and in a moment of weakness, I said yes. Clearly I can’t be trusted to make this decision for myself. But when I came, it was incredibly intense, maybe the most intense I have ever experienced. I had so much pent up cum, and came with such force, that I sprayed my own face and chest several times, and seemed to get many random areas of the bed too. I had to take another shower to get cleaned off, as I had cum all over my hair and beard.

In the shower, I once again noticed how clear my mind suddenly was, and I felt relieved of a burden. Its like when something mechanical nearby is making a humming sound, and then suddenly stops; you don’t notice how loud and pervasive the noise is until it’s suddenly absent. Still, I like being in the fog of horniness that Mommy creates for me while I am caged. Although an orgasm is the most amazing feeling in the world, it is fleeting, whereas the ache of arousal in my cage is constant. It wraps around every thought in my mind, squeezing them, controlling what I think and feel, controlling what I do. My cock controls me and Mommy controls my cock.

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