My thoughts often drift to owning at least one more slave. I won’t have them fight for my entertainment as A wonders.

I would like to go out on dates with both slaves at a time. Both of them so intently focused on me that they watch my every move. I will have them so well trained that just by reading my body language they will be able to react before I have to speak.

I imagine walking out to our car. One slave opens the door, the other climbs in to drive. We are all very happy. It is obvious to everyone that sees us that we are three people in a relationship.

We will laugh, dance, drink, talk and I will again speak for both men when in public. I will dress them, protect them and treat them with the most respect possible. I will make love to one of them, as the other watches and we will all sleep in the same bed at night. I will be in the middle. I can cuddle all of the time, I will have constant affection and attention. If one of them disobeys he will sleep on the floor, sit in a corner, skip meals and possibly be beat for his bad behavior.

The thought of this overwhelms me. One day we will all work from home, making money and I will go out on dates with other men as I choose. Maybe I can own several slaves. However A will always be my number one. He will be above the others, my wife. He will wear my collar. The others may not.

The slaves will not touch each other, there will be no intimacy between any of them. Their focus will be on me. Each will wear a cage, which I will be the only key holder to.

Both or all slaves will become dependant on me for survival. The thought of me leaving any of them will be so painful they will do whatever it takes to keep me happy.

My mind wanders to this often. It makes me excited for A and I and our future. We have a great future. I am blessed to have him.

I think next summer we may start to look for another man. The fact that there are so many of these men excites me. Will I have two of my slaves at the bar as I pick up another man? Will one be home cleaning, the other cooking and when my date and I arrive home we will be catered to. Is this possible. Could I be so lucky? This is what wraps my mind and grips it so tightly.

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