We are often told that porn degrades women and is violent toward them. But the next time you watch porn, actually look at it. Compare the violence of femdom vs maledom, or even vanilla ‘rough’ porn…

In femdom porn, no matter if it is created by men or women, the women are extremely violent, the men are beaten, abused, even murdered, and it is done against their will, and frequently, they do not appear to be enjoying it at all–they are in agony.

But, in maledom porn, the men are actually quite gentle and reserved by comparison, and the women are clearly enjoying (or pretending to enjoy) the sensations of what is being done.

This is despite the fact that women generally have higher pain tolerances than men, or perhaps, that is part of the equation too.

It is clear then that whether you are watching femdom porn or maledom porn, in each, meeting the needs of the women participating is paramount, just like in every other aspect of life. Dominant men serve their female partners every bit as much as submissive men do, they just do it in a way that appears to be different.

Is it any wonder that we now know that despite what some may claim, it is actually women who are demanding the production of violent porn, viewing it in numbers far outstripping men.

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