I received my second custom Jail Bird, and I have been wearing it for a few weeks now, and it is quite comfortable, and a pretty nice fit.

Both Jail Birds were custom jobs. The first came with both a double and triple base ring, basically, welding together single base rings connected to the shaft. I wanted to try this because I have always thought that the base ring on the JailBird wasn’t substantial looking enough: it seems like the base ring, because it’s the base of the apparatus, should be thicker, which to my mind is more aesthetically pleasing. And I was accustomed to stacking large cock rings, so this seemed to make sense.

It was exceptionally well made, as all Mature Metal products are, but there was something I didn’t anticipate: with two or three of the smaller gauge rings together, there is a little gap between them. Over time, the skin sort of gets caught in there and it starts to burn. Perhaps if I was more aggressive with lubricating the entire ring this wouldn’t have been as much of an issue, but in the end, I decided that it probably wouldn’t work for me long term. (I know that others have similar base rings that seem to work well for them, so your experience with this may be different.)

Also, the cage itself was a very tight fit. I needed to be lubricated to get in it, and then I was spilling out of each opening (which was sometimes uncomfortable as my skin brushed against clothing), and when I took the cage off, the skin on my penis was indented where it had pressed against the bars, although that in itself is not necessarily a bad thing.

Because of my experience with cock rings, I knew my main ring measurement and was confident with this. And although I was initially skeptical of it, I think that Mature Metal’s recommendations for cage length measurements on their “Penis Fitting Guide” page are good, specifically, the instructions to subtract .25 inches from your shortest measurement. A tight fit is good, its more secure, and truly gives you the feeling of being caged. In my newest cage, I didn’t subtract the .25 inches to give myself more room, but there is sometimes a little room at the end of the cage, either when I shrivel up or the cage shifts down a little. In the end, this is the only, very minor, shortcoming of the device, and its because of measurements I supplied.

And so, it was the internal diameter of the cage that was the measurement that I was least confident in. In my first cage, I think it was the fact that the internal diameter was a little too small that made me feel the cage was a little smaller than it should be. So, I adjusted that up a little too, along with the cage length.

So, here is the breakdown of my two orders:

Jail Bird #1Jail Bird #2
ring size1.751.75
ring styledouble, triplesupplied ring
cage length1.752 (1.75 would have worked better)
cage diameter1.251.38
otherpunishment pinsextra cage ring

Although the differences in size may not appear to be much, these little changes had a significant impact on fit. In the end, I think I should have left the cage length the same and simply given myself a little more room on the interior diameter of the cage, and I think I would have a perfect, very tight fit.

Also for the second JailBird, I asked Mature Metal if they could use a ring that I supplied myself as the ring for the cage, and sure enough, they said that as long as it was stainless steel, they could do it. I thought about using one of my Omega rings, but after looking at the options with Mommy, we decided the Omega might be too big in relation to the cage, so we chose a ring that was less thick, but still much thicker than the standard ring used on the JailBird.

Finally, on the second JailBird, I ordered an extra ring around the cage shaft. If I had ordered it less that 2 inches in length, this wouldn’t have been an option. But the larger cock ring, as well as the extra cage ring makes the second JailBird look much more substantial than a normal JailBird, and to my mind, it is more aesthetically pleasing.

(I don’t know how often they get special requests like this, but Mature Metal have been very accommodating to me each time I wanted something a little different.)

Obviously, The extra ring on the cage also means that access to the penis is a little more restricted. Previously, Mommy could get a finger or two into the openings and stroke me a little bit, but the second ring prevents this now. And again, the extra ring makes the cage appear more substantial (more cage-like) and the way it fits my anatomy is nice: the corona of the head of my penis rests between the two bars on the cage. Although a shorter cage might fit better, it would be too bad to give up that second ring.

I have worn this Jail Bird for a few weeks now, and another device before that for a few months. I find that if I put a little coconut oil on the bottom half of the cock ring right after I shower, I am good for the rest of the day. Perhaps a little more before bed, and that prevents the burning sensation on the bottom of the scrotum that can occur from restricted circulation in that area when the ring can’t shift a little over time. Coconut oil seems to be the best option, as it seems to last longer, but other oils or skin lotions can work too.

Sleeping is pretty comfortable, although I do sometimes have to adjust the placement of the entire package as I move around at night. When I get hard while sleeping, the cage is pushed down, meaning that the scrotum is stretched until the ring is pressing tightly against my testicles, and so, I sometimes have to reach down and adjust it by pulling some skin back in front of the ring.

But my movement isn’t restricted at all. I am able to exercise normally, lifting weights, etc.

The only time that it becomes uncomfortable is when my pubic hair grows back enough that it starts poking the skin it is pressed against. It begins as a mild itching sensation that gets progressively worse and then can become quite distracting. If I end up itching the skin, it can become quite irritated quickly. This usually happens about a week after the last shave, so Mommy lets me out once a week to thoroughly clean myself, check for any medical issues, and shave myself again. Also, if I can’t shave again in time, coconut oil at the base of the cage helps soften the area.

If you know I am wearing a chastity cage, and you know what to look for, you can sometimes see the outline of it and the lock, depending on what I am wearing. Kakhi pants that fit me well might show a few bumps. Some of my lighter weight board shorts do the same. But ultimately, I don’t think it’s a conspicuous thing, although I worry about it a little, as exposure is my greatest fear. I don’t think people are looking at my crotch that often, and anyway, I don’t think chastity cages are in most people’s sphere of knowledge, so I suspect that if they see anything, they just assume it’s something sticking out of my pocket.

I have gotten quite adept at using a urinal again. The urethral opening usually lines up well with an opening in the bars, or if not, can be easily coaxed to do so. (This is another benefit of a smaller cage that fits tightly.) As long as there is a divider between urinals, I feel pretty confident using them with the cage on.

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